Monthly Archives: December 2010

Las Vegas People – A Short Film

Right before Dale Kamp (see left to Asia for his 4 month trip, I was down in Las Vegas on business and we met up late Saturday night. I had just driven down from Provo, Utah (a 6 hour drive) and met with a client, and I was exhausted. Dale was tired too, and we were […]

New DSLR Announcement

There’s a new video DSLR on the horizon, and it’s got my name on it…literally! No, actually my brother Miles just made this gnarly image in Photoshop for me. Creativity runs in the family. (Incidentally, Miles appears in my Havaianas short, at 0:56 and 2:25. He was living in Huntington Beach at the time, and he’s […]

A Sneak Preview of Cooking Caribbean with Rachel Valentin

I’ve uploaded a sneak preview of a cooking show I filmed in Las Vegas, called Cooking Caribbean with Rachel Valentin. Rachel is the author of two books on cooking, Transition Into Organic Foods and The Organic Caribbean Cookbook. Since this show is a pilot made for TV, I can’t show the whole thing. It is being […]

A shoutout to one of the world’s best cinematographers

I actually am surprised that I didn’t do this shoutout sooner. One of the great things about the internet, is that it democratizes media distribution. So I don’t have to be stuck with only being able to watch content produced in Hollywood for film and TV. No, we have much more freedom of choice now. […]