Monthly Archives: November 2010

Aeria Gloris – An Epic Time-Lapse of the Rocky Mountains

This short little film, Aeria Gloris, marks my foray into time-lapse photography. I’ve enjoyed the many excellent time-lapse pieces I’ve seen from fellow artists on Vimeo, so I thought I’d give it a try. The footage was shot around my neighborhood in Provo, Utah. (Film Trivia: Robert Redford’s house is about a 15 minute drive […]

The “Steve Jobs” of Canon filmmakers has spoken

Ever since Dale Kamp introduced me to Philip Bloom’s work, it has been a fascinating experience for both of us, while watching his films, to attempt to put a finger on what exactly it is about his films that enthralls cyberspace audiences and captivates the hearts of thousands. How did he manage to get over […]

Salt to Saint

Here are a few still frames taken from the Salt to Salt documentary film I’m working on. Salt to Saint is a grueling 24-hour, 410-mile bike race from Salt Lake City to Saint George, which meanders through the more rural (and therefore often more scenic) parts of Utah. The only thing more grueling than competing […]