A quick post (Filming Salt to Saint)

Just a quick post here. I’m in St George–just finished filming a 24+ hour bicycle race from Salt Lake City to St. George. (410 miles). It was a filming marathon–I would say it was definitely the most physically demanding film shoot I’ve done. I started filming around 10:00 AM Friday morning, and was literally racing against bicycle racers through the night and next morning, and ended filming at 4:00 PM Saturday. That’s 30 hours straight, with the exception of grabbing a quick three hours of sleep in my car!

I had to drive (slowly) through a herd of cows walking down the highway, only to realize that I left my tripod at the last place I set up. I had to drive back through the cows so I could get back to tripod which was luckily still on the side of the road (near Goshen).

We got some amazing footage of riders up in the foothills of Salt Lake. My 2nd shooter for the first part of the event, Mike Call, even attached his T2i and pricey lens to the side view mirror of his car so he could he some steady following shots of the riders!

It was exciting (and very challenging) racing with riders to get shots of them going through the red rock canyons of southern Utah. I had to step on the gas, get far enough ahead to jump out, set up the tripod, and (hopefully) get the shot I was trying to get, and then jump back in the car and step on the gas and try to get to the next good camera setup in time. I didn’t think it would be hard to keep ahead of people on bikes, but I’m telling you these racers were booking!

Anyways, that’s my (long) quick post. Once I get back home and have a few days to recover I’ll try to come back and post some production stills and more cool stuff about the race.



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