A Shoutout and some technical mumbo jumbo

Recently friend and fellow filmmaker Dale Kamp came back from the dead. I figured now was a good time to give him a shoutout! He is a very talented videographer and filmmaker. He collaborated with me on Citius, below (yes, that silhouette in the thumbnail is of him and his 7D-read my blog entry on Citius for more info), and we plan to work together on more films in the future. Please take a moment to check out his blog at dalekamp.com and check out his videos on his Vimeo page, vimeo.com/dalekamp.

Also of note to those of us who like to make digital films, and more specifically HDSLR filmmakers (what?…we like to have the shallow depth of field, ability to film in low light, and the “look” of film without having to take out a second mortgage to afford it?), lately there’s been much ado about…something. Namely the 60D. On top of that, the venerable saint of DSLR filmmakers everywhere, Philip Bloom (he’s like a god who knows what we want) has been spouting off quite a bit of useful information for us disciples to chew on. He updated his very useful article: “Which… “Video DSLR” to buy?”, and he posted a new, perhaps even more useful article, “Which…lenses to buy?” Both articles are highly recommended to anyone looking to venture down the path of DSLR filmmaking. In my opinion the most important statement Bloom makes is something I’ve always believed in: “Whichever camera you chose, don’t forget…it’s only a tool! The most important thing is what you do with it!” In other words, your most important asset is not your gear but your head: your ability to think creatively, to visualize, to “see,” to make a statement. Buying more gear and more expensive gear won’t make you a better filmmaker. Training your mind will.

My own thoughts on the 60D are as follows…Yes!! It’s basically the T2i, minus the ridiculously small body, add manual control over audio (finally!), and an articulating screen and wallah! A great choice for DSLR videographers for $600 less than the 7D. Oh yeah, and it has the T2i’s LCD, which is better than the 7D’s and great for focus pulling. I’m not crazy about having turn turn the mode dial at the top back and forth from video mode to AV (why can’t they put those two next to each other on the wheel instead of on opposite sides? That’s the only two I use!), but I’ve already gotten used to it anyways on the T2i. Also, we’ll have to see how this 4-way controller works out on the 60D. I hope it’s not mushy like the one on the Nikon D300, but easy to use like the one on the Nikon D90 (or T2i.) But all in all, I’m definitely excited about it, and I will definitely want to get my hands on it to try it out when it launches later this month.

It’s a great time to be a digital filmmaker. There are many who complain about the limitations of DSLR cameras, while there are others of us out there utilizing DSLRs to make amazing looking films. (That reminds me of what I need to get back to doing…)

Canon 60D

Behold, the 60D.


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