Monthly Archives: July 2010

Digital Renaissance

We live during a digital renaissance, when more people than ever can now practice an art that was once reserved for a tiny group of artists with extravagant funding options. Well, and dentists. But dentists make for hack artists. This renaissance is exemplified in a short film by Americus, fellow T2i user. “An Evening at […]

Havaianas – A film about the first Havaianas store in America

Today I launched “Havaianas” on Vimeo. I had the good fortune to work with the owner of the first Havaianas store in America, Cecília Andrade, to make a short documentary about the store. Her store is located right in front of the beach in Huntington Beach, CA. My brother Miles came along with me and […]

A personal film “My Father” from Christine Schmitthenner

Okay this film moved me. I couldn’t help but write about it on my blog. I think this is an example of the greatest type of film: that which expresses and documents our deepest thoughts and emotions and makes them visible to others, both those living now and for generations to come. I can’t think […]

Huntington Beach

I just got back from Huntington Beach, where I filmed some breathtaking footage on and around the pier for my upcoming short documentary, and visited my brother Miles, who moved back from Brazil. I also headed up to L.A. to visit fellow filmmaker and friend from high school, Cameron Sawyer. Cameron just got back from […]


So I decided to finally start my filmmaking blog! Welcome to the new home of discussions on what is currently going on here at Daniel Bean Films. I recently went location scouting for my upcoming film, Mobius, with Dale Kamp in Las Vegas. Dale is going to be my D.P. on Mobius. Dale has a […]